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No-paradox time travel is invented. Should it be shared with the world?

Imagine that you're hyper-genius friend QUERCUS SHOSANNA reveals to you that she has invented a time machine. Quercus's technique is subject to the Novikov self-consistency principle, ( ) meaning that travel in this fashion can never effect a change in history. Trying to avert anything known to have occurred weather as trivial as a failed geometry test or as monumental as 9/11  will always fail. Both the mathematics of Quercus's theory and experimental evidence (she has already made more than a hundred time travel trips) bear this out. She even takes you back several times so that you can see this for yourself.

Quercus's time machine does not allow for travel into the future of the traveler, only the past. Assuming a traveler chooses to return from their trip (that is neither required nor assured), they always arrive approximately 427 milliseconds after leaving. Additionally, because of the way the machine works, travelers are gravitationalally locked to the nearest planetary body when using it. In other words, they don't have to worry about accounting for the Earth's movement through space when using the machine, as they are unable to leave the Earth in the first place. Again, both the mathematics of Quercus's theory and repeated experimental evidence bear all this out.

Quercus has shared this knowledge and experience with you because she values your opinion. She is considering whether to share this knowledge with the world. How do you advise her on this issue?
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