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Originally Posted by Busy Scissors View Post
He has five. 4 card majors would be uncommon at a US regional.
I don't know about the US but over here an opening bid of 1H may have only four hearts. Even if we were playing five card majors, partner doesn't know that my only honour is the King.

I'd typically take the low road in pairs, and we're talking about a sub 25point slam here, but I think I'd have a nibble.

If exclusion blackwood is available then 4S would be nice
I wasn't aware of that convention and have just read about it (see also this pdf). ITYM 5S, not 4S, and that would mean committing to the slam. Interesting how the problem of 'Blackwood in the minors' is reversed.

No gadgets, then 4S cue hoping to hear 5C from partner. If this emerges then a bold 6H - pard has the AC, four trumps, stiff D, and opps spade bid enhances the prospects of a heart honour or two. If no club cue then we subside in five.
The problem with that is the possibility of HAQ sitting over me.