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Originally Posted by Busy Scissors View Post
Agree with Quartz that double is feasible - flexible call. Value-showing, expressing doubt over 4H and keeps spades in the picture. However, there's a v good chance of it getting passed out - pard knows you have some defense and they prob have a few hearts. Unless RHO is a comedian, a second seat red pre-empt can be very heavy, and taking it one or two off might not net a very good score.

We have to find game and I think I'd just go 4S direct here. Worth the risk to try and find the spade fit, which has decent chances of existing given the pre-empt, and our spade suit is not bad.

Another issue with doubling is that LHO may further squeeze our space with a 5H call if they have a fit and are very weak.
I agree with all of this, and that it is best to play a double as takeout.

I also would not preempt with partner's hand even if the heart really were a diamond - Kxxx is too good a spade holding, making it too likely we miss a spade fit.