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Originally Posted by asahi View Post
He and his inner circle may not be short, but if enough of his military are, that could be a problem. If enough of the military care enough at severe food and supply shortages for everyone else not in the military, that could also be a problem. Intense brainwashing is obviously having the desired effect, but it's not fail-safe. There are people who defect from North Korea, after all. And there have been more and more of them lately.
1. You don't need to be particularly well nourished to push a launch button
2. It's not the defectors who will make a difference, it's the returnees. The guys who've been outside the peninsula or just to South Korea and come back with the inkling of a notion that what is considered normal stress and suffering of life in the hermit kingdom doesn't approximate normal on the other side of the 38th parallel.
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