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The thing with the cold war arms race making nuclear weapons moot .. the west has long had a police of trading with the commies, in order to get them addicted to trade.

So whats happenned is a classic case of good cop, bad cop.

This is a good cop only in that it can't take criticsim, and certainly won't admit any mistake. No matter, it still gets to pass the bad cops message on.

Good cop.. China... "Nothings wrong, its all peaceful ,we didnt do anything wrong, USA is sabre rattling for nothing."

Bad cop. USA's trump.. "we will blow you commies to hell .. or at least threaten you and your allies and cut off trade".

Good cop China ... "well , there isnt anything wrong, but the west has its knickers in a knot, and we can't afford a blockage of trade with China.. and we are feeling sorry for the citizens of Korea.. How about North Korea become a responsible government as defined by 2018 standards, not 1718."

I am thinking that China would have told North Korea that it has to be a pseudo-communist country, you know one country two systems ? One system is the ghost of communism .. the shell of it exists as the oligarchy running a dictatorship.. the other system is the cash cow... the industries... the capitalist system.

So I think that changes happen in NK due to China...

But NK leadership has to pretend that its due to USA. So as to make everyone think that they were forced to change, not that they are admitting the old ways were wrong.

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