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Originally Posted by Guinastasia View Post
Who said he was?

There might not be a lot of Somali Muslims, but there are still a lot of antisemites as well, and it shouldn't matter what side they're on.
I'll put it this way: it's not Ilhan Omar and her Somali American followers who are marching through Charlottesville saying "Jews will not replace us." I think that's the point that Krugman was trying to make, which is not to say that you can't find antisemites among the left - I'm rather sure you can. But the right wing is much more likely to normalize antisemitism and antisemitic rhetoric and violence than the left. Want proof? Look at what happened in Pittsburgh. That wasn't a lefty.

This is also why it's really, really important for people to understand clearly the distinction between criticism of Israel and anti-Jewish sentiment. They are NOT the same. And to conflate these two things is dangerous because it makes it more difficult to have discussions based on facts and truth. When people can't have discussions based on facts and truth, they end up not knowing what to believe, and they're more likely to be influenced by things like lies and conspiracy theories -- which put Jews, Zionist or not, in even greater danger. There should be room for nuanced, respectful criticism of Israel (and even Jewish nationalism, just as there should be of any kind of nationalism) without having to defend against charges of antisemitism.

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