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Some people on the #LetYangSpeak hashtag suggested that Yang create a podcast to get his message out to more people. Yang put up a tweet, asking people if they'd like to hear a podcast.

A supporter tonight suggested I start doing a podcast called “Let Yang Speak” and do an annotated commentary on the debate and other topics. Like this if you like the idea. 😀👍
The tweet got 56K likes in a day or so. Yang asked for suggestions on guests. I haven't heard more since then.

The twitter campaign to give away a Freedom Dividend for a year to a person following Yang's twitter account went pretty well. There were roughly 158K retweets and his twitter following increased by over 200K accounts. The winner was supposed to have been picked on the 4th of July and vetted. The winner is still to be announced. Maybe he will announce the winner on "The View" on Monday.

Yang is scheduled to appear on The View on Monday July 8 at 11 am. That show has a tendency to tear people down, so I'm hoping for the best.

Over the holiday weekend, the Yang Gang has been knocking on doors, putting up flyers and phone banking. They made 6.9K calls in one day this weekend. Someone offered to donate $5 for every person who volunteered to phone bank this weekend.

Yang did the #bottlecapchallenge. It got 1.37M views on twitter. Not sure why so many people were interested in that, but there it is. The media was more interested in the typo in the word challenge.

Yang says Biden spoke to him during one of the breaks in the debate requesting to talk to him later about the 4th Industrial Revolution. Yang was pleased.

At an event in NYC, Andrew told the audience that during a break, Biden came up to him and said, "Andrew, you and I need to sit down and talk about the 4th industrial revolution". Biden also told Yang that his biggest concern is that that we are going to get rid of the middle class. Yang was happy that Biden gets it.
Here's the video. The beginning of the video has a number of people speaking Chinese. I've heard Yang speaking Chinese to those groups sometimes.

Too bad Yang didn't break out in Chinese when asked the question on China in the debate. /s

There's a picture of Biden watching Yang's speech in South Carolina several days before the debates.

Someone from the UBI study in Canada made a video to give his first hand impressions. His anecdotal impressions were that the money helped people in ways that he wasn't expecting, giving hope and relieving stress. He couldn't square his first hand experiences with how he expected things to go.

I've been watching the views on the NBC News NY videos of the candidates since the debate. I've been trying to make sense of the view counts, but I'm not seeing a pattern. This is not the main NBC news channel youtube. This is a small offshoot youtube channel, so it's not clear how people would have found the channel.

Everything Andrew Yang said at the debate
Everything Kamala Harris said at the debate
Everything Marianne Williamson said at the debate
Everything Booker said

Everything Castro said
Everything Tulsi said

Yang's view count continues to rise every day, which might be a good sign. But that small snippet isn't a very good representation of his platform, so it's hard to say if it's helpful. It might be if people use that clip to search out more.

After the appearance on The View on Monday 7/8/19 at 11 am, Yang is scheduled to do a rally in Portland, OR on Saturday 7/13/19.