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Yes, oscypek has very stringent rules: it's supposed to be at least 60% sheep milk, and only made with milk from sheep grazing between April and October, or something like that.

If you want to read the EU rules about what can be legally labeled oscypek there, read away here. (It even outlines the entire method of production, which is fun reading.)

Even the stuff you get in the Highlands of Poland can have a lot of shortcuts. I personally have no idea how much of the oscypek I've eaten in my life is truly to-the-letter oscypek, but there is a range of flavor. As Royal Nonesutch describes, it can get quite salty, with a clear "sheep milk" taste to it. Like I said above, enjoy it with your favorite beverage. It's not my favorite cheese by a long shot, but it's interesting from time to time.