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Originally Posted by Crane View Post

Sorry, I did not make my point clear.

The reason for the existence of the corporate form is to shield the owners from legal and/or fiscal responsibility. This is not an aberration. It is the stated purpose of the corporate form.
That would be the purpose of an LLC. It is not the purpose of corporations in general.

Perhaps someone can provide a Conservative definition of personal responsibility.
I did so earlier in the thread. It is the idea that respect for both the self and others means that one should strive to live their life diligently and prudently so as to minimize the chances of becoming a burden on others, and to maximize ones utility both to themselves and other. It means you take care of yourself so that others do not have to. It follows from that naturally that you accept the consequences of your actions, but more importantly that you have the duty to be aware of them.

Its really a philosophical thing, as I addressed earlier, and I think it can be traced pretty directly to classical stoicism (the most underrated and least understood philosophy of all time.). Id suggest going back and reading my first few posts in this thread.