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Originally Posted by Tripler View Post
IANAL, and I'll leave this up to any of your Federal District Attorneys. I am confident though, that any background search that pulls your passport travel statistics will see your trips abroad. Good luck getting a job when asked what the travel was for. . .

I doubt this. You're tied up so far in your own web of lies, that I'll remind you of something that's been said about you before: "Everything you say is suspect." But you've admitted that you travel overseas for sex tourism, so your boasting of underage dalliances may not be far from the truth.

But hey, good job supporting human trafficking and Russian organized crime!

Go ahead. . . Sam-splain to me how I'm incorrect.
I have category not said any of that. And fuck you for the implications. Every sexual partner I have ever had was completely consensual and of legal age. By the way you are picking at straws, if I pointed out that black men appear to commit violent crimes more often than other racial groups, you will instantly say I'm a KKK member. And a Neo-Nazi because I pointed out in a previous thread, I was suspended for, that the Jewish community in Germany was surely genetically intermixed with the dominant group and thus any concept of "blood purity" was wrong. I wonder how I manage to attend both sets of meetings, lol, surely they occur on the same day.

Anyways, fuck you.

You can eat your cheetos. Also fuck you about such "foreign travel". It was completely fucking legal for me to travel to visit women, who reported their ages as 27 and appeared that way in person, from a particular Ukrainian dating website. For your information they didn't put out until the end of the time I was there and I wandered the city one night and touts showed me to a brothel. Good times and also completely fucking legal by U.S. law.

Would they give me a top secret clearance to work on nuclear weapons like you claim to have? Well, maybe not, but a regular employer does not even have the legal ability to pull someone's travel records and won't do it. They will look at convictions, and I have never been convicted of a crime.

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