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Originally Posted by Monty View Post
What do you know? Prostitution is illegal in Ukraine. Turns out hooking is an administrative offense; however, pimping and running a brothel are both criminal offenses.
Monty, you're just a troll and you deliberately misread things just to make me mad. Or you are going senile. Which if that is the case, I'm sorry for mistreating you.

Here's what the actual article you claim to have read says.

Prostitution is not a criminal offense, although it can be punished as an administrative offense with a fine up to 255 hryvnia (approximately $32). However, pimping and the organization and operation of a prostitution business is a crime that carries a term of three to 15 years imprisonment.

So, let's test your reading comprehension. If you visit Ukraine and encounter a prostitute above the age of 18 somewhere, and fuck her, pay her her fee, and leave, what is the maximum sanction you face:

a. Under Ukrainian law?
b. Under U.S. law?