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Originally Posted by Gyrate View Post
A more plausible theory is that Sage Rat's account has been hijacked by a professional right-wing troll who is using it to promulgate the coordinated smear campaign against Omar. For evidence, I present every single Sage Rat post in this thread. It's now up to Sage Rat to provide evidence that he's not a troll and that the mods shouldn't just shut his account down. Because my theory is just as plausible as the Theory of Relativity.

Because that's how this works.

If you genuinely care about Omar and you genuinely care about the truth, you can do these things and you are completely liable to completely demolish the right. If you would rather call me a troll than simply prove the right wrong, you should ask why you're doing the first and not the latter when, purportedly, you are a person who cares about Omar and the truth. Proving the right wrong helps her. Proving that I'm a troll or that a troll took over my account or whatever else doesn't accomplish jack shit in the world, so if that's what you're spending your time doing, then you're doing jack shit for the world when there's a very easy and straightforward way for you to be doing otherwise.

And let's also note, I have presented evidence and I have clearly stated that the evidence is not conclusive and is completely copacetic with eventualities where she is innocent. If you're writing that I have not presented evidence and that I've claimed that I know something about her, that I've claimed that she is certainly guilty, etc. you should ask how you came to that conclusion. How did you brain decide that something is true which can clearly be contradicted by quotable materials on this very message board and which, presumably, you have seen?

I'm sitting here telling you how to disprove the accusations and trying to push you to disprove them. If that's your definition of a right-wing troll, then you need to question how your brain is looking at the world in modern times.

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