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Originally Posted by Dinsdale View Post
Sorry, no specific suggestions, but aren't a huge percentage of rock and blues songs 1-4-5? Ya wanna increase that percentage, switch to bluegrass! Seriously, you could try a lot of classic country - like Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings... - if that at all appeals to you. Or roots rock like Elvis. Just will get you comfortable playing along, keeping a steady beat.

When I started, I played a lot of Rush, Who, Clash, Elvis Costello. A lotta fun bass parts there (but I'm showing my age.)

Not sure if this is meaningful, but are you able to "hear" the bass line? Some folk seem to have difficulty doing that - and it is harder in some recordings than others. Because as long as you can hear the bass line, and it isn't relying on thumbing, slapping, chords, harmonics or something, it shouldn't be too complicated to get the notes under your fingers. Then you just have to build up speed and endurance.

Bruce Thomas can be tough, a lot going on, and weird chord changes and time signatures. I'd suggest you worry less about repeating someone else's exact line, than coming up with a line that works with the song and makes sense to you (if that makes sense at all). What you play can be simpler, more complicated, or just completely different from what is on the recording.
Thanks, yeah, I can usually hear the bass line, and I get what you're saying about just grooving along with a song (I do that with blues songs sometimes), but sometimes, I just like to play the real line, especially if it's interesting. "I'll Take You There" by the Staple Singers -- it's a great line, not difficult, fun for me.

Agreed about Bruce Thomas, but that particular song is actually playable by me. What's nice about the Attractions is, since the guitar was such a minor instrument, the keyboards and bass are mixed much higher than usual for a rock song, making the bass parts stand out more. Keyboard, bass, drums -- all three were amazing.

ETA: Just noticed your sig. Very apropos, although it's before he was with the Attractions.

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