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Originally Posted by Atamasama View Post
Because as science tells us, if you get enough cash and put it in a pile, and let it sit for a while, a bunch of baby rhinos will pop out of it.
Trophy hunting isn't posing a significant risk to animals in Africa. It's the demise of suitable prey because bush meat is popular, habitat loss, and locals killing them to prevent loss of cattle or people that are the main threats to lions, rhinos, and other animals. Trophy hunting as a source of revenue gives the people a reason to give a damn about their local wildlife. If these animals are a source of income the locals are more likely to set aside land for them to live on, less likely to assist poachers, and more likely to seek other alternatives to protecting their cattle and people than slaughtering the offending creature.

I'm not a fan of trophy hunting myself. I hunt deer but I have zero desire to shoot a lion, rhino, or some other exotic African animal. But trophy hunting appears to be good for conservation efforts.
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