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Originally Posted by friedo View Post
As a bacon fan, it may be sacrilege, but after experimenting with many different techniques, I've found that the best way is to just put it in the microwave sandwiched in paper towels. Fast, easy, and results in even, crispy bacon with no gross stringy/fatty bits. Of course the crispiness means it's not good for wrapping around stuff.
I do this too. Out of circumstance, we ended up with two microwave ovens. So while I'm working breakfast on the stove, I can pop bacon in a microwave and zap it. Paper towels on plate, cover it with paper towels and turn it a few times. Much, much less mess in the end. And you can cook it just right. Give it another 20 seconds before serving and you have very nice hot bacon.

It's the only thing I cook in a MW.
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