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Originally Posted by Mr Downtown View Post
Los Angeles neighborhoods are quite high in density compared to most Chicago neighborhoods. Westside LA transit usage is also surprisingly high even though it's all bus service.
Buses do work well for short trips, and the main muni system on the West Side, Santa Monica's "Big Blue Bus" is set up so nearly all the routes terminate at UCLA. Along the way they take in just about everywhere else in West L.A. or Santa Monica so getting around without a car is fairly easy as long as you don't plan to go further afield (like downtown, Hollywood, West Hollywood, etc.).

Wilshire Boulevard has articulated buses running on 90 second headways much of the day. So LA plans to build their second metro line, while Chicago has eight of them, two of which are drastically underused.
With regard to the NYT article and the Crenshaw Line, I think they got that wrong; IIRC the Feds are lending us the money for that, to be paid back from the Measure R sales tax passed in 2008.

Sadly, though, at this point it doesn't look like we're going to get the West Hollywood loop on the subway, after all. At least, it's off the table for the time being, but the politics of these things has a way of changing.

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