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Originally Posted by Spectre of Pithecanthropus View Post
The Blue Line is supposed to be one of the most heavily used LRT lines in the country. They're having capacity issues already. They're now using three double-length articulated cars in each train, making each one effectively six cars long. They're stuck now; they can't add more trains because it would cause too much congestion at the at-grade crossings, and they can't add more cars because some of the platforms can't accommodate longer trains.
The most heavily used light rail operation in the country is run by the the MBTA in Boston, consisting of the Green Line plus another short streetcar line. Average weekday ridership is 241,100. The LA Blue Line had an average of 77,538 weekday boardings as of October 2010; LA light rail ridership overall is 154,100, which puts it in a rough tie with the SF Muni for second busiest light rail operation in the U.S. Boston light rail is by far the most heavily traveled system on a per-route-mile basis according to this chart in Wikipedia.