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In a real fight, not a limited fight a chimp has been trained to do, where the chimp fears for his safety, in an enclosure so that Brock could not run away, the chimp will have a hormonal surge, including a lot of adrenalin, and I don't know what else, that will give him a huge advantage in strength and speed, and a complete disregard for pain. Any human would be torn apart. In the chimp attack CT not so long ago, the chimp was stabbed and hit with a shovel by his owner, and then shot multiple times by a policeman, before he returned to his house to die. It is unlikely that Brock Lesnar or any other human being could stand and all out attack by an enraged chimpanzee.

If you put boxing gloves and shoes on the chimp so he can't use his hands and feet to grab and gouge with, and you muzzle him so he can't bite, the maybe Brock stands a chance of using strength and skill to his advantage.