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Originally Posted by NARVEN11 View Post
but let me ask you LA fans something:
if you're a tourist visiting LA would you even think about using the public transportation system? you would if you're visiting chicago.
I would not recommend it for tourists. While most (correct me if I'm wrong) of Chicago's attractions are mostly downtown/lakefront, Los Angeles' attractions stretch across much of it's roughly 500 square miles, from the Valley to Long Beach; from the oceanfront to Downtown. And that doesn't even include a trip to Disney. Also keep in mind that one of Los Angeles' attractions is getting away and hiking in the less-mass-transit-friendly mountains.

Originally Posted by NARVEN11 View Post
isn't the ultimate goal of mass transit to get people to give up on owning a car? Chicago already has a sizable number of people who could afford to own a car but decide not to. This number could be easily multiplied by a few extensions to the 'EL' that would make it easier to travel from neighborhood to neighborhood. Would you even consider not owning a car in LA?
"Ultimate goal" suggests an ethos or doctrine that I don't think exists amongst the people who manage the disparate municipal transit services. I've always considered mass transit as nothing more than another option. Depending on the circumstance, one option may be more convenient than another. For instance, although I drive to work in Venice every day, we would rather take the bus to go to the actual beach on a sunny weekend because the parking is so hellish and traffic is so congested on those days.

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