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Originally Posted by NARVEN11 View Post
but let me ask you LA fans something:
if you're a tourist visiting LA would you even think about using the public transportation system? you would if you're visiting chicago.

and also:
isn't the ultimate goal of mass transit to get people to give up on owning a car? Chicago already has a sizable number of people who could afford to own a car but decide not to. This number could be easily multiplied by a few extensions to the 'EL' that would make it easier to travel from neighborhood to neighborhood. Would you even consider not owning a car in LA?
Actually, I think that's a fallacy, and one of my pet peeves. The ultimate goal of mass transit is NOT to get people to give up on owning a car. It's simply to provide an alternative form of transportation which is better than a car in some circumstances. For some trips it's faster than a car. For some trips it's more convenient because you don't have to find parking. For some trips it's the only way to go because the person doesn't have a car, or doesn't have a driver's license. Etc.

I've lived in cities with very good public transit, and still had a car because some trips required it. That doesn't mean that the goal of the public transit system was not met.

ETA: Or, to put it another way, what B. Serum said.

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