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Originally Posted by NARVEN11 View Post
if you're a tourist visiting LA would you even think about using the public transportation system?
The problem with public transit in LA is that the system is very confusing. Even long time residents have trouble with it. Chicago is laid out on a rigid grid system, and buses can usually do their entire run on a single street. This makes it very easy. Want to travel down 51st? Take the bus that goes down 51st street. No surprises. Not so in LA. The buses turn this way and that and seldom stay on one street for long. If you don't know the system, you are likely to get hopelessly lost. Even the bus drivers are clueless, if you ask them where to connect to another line, they often have no idea.

Take a look at one of the routes that I use, the 94. While it does travel in one general direction, note how it zigs and zags and seldom stays on one street for long.

Add in the fact that some bus routes run quite often, while others have very infrequent service, that some lines run all night and others shut down at 8 pm, and you have a recipe for disaster. The bus that got you there in the morning might not be running when you try to make your return trip in the evening. Then you are in for an expensive cab ride, which could easily cost as much as renting a car for several days.

You are already spending a lot to get to LA, for your hotel, eating out, and other expenses, why would you want to spend your limited time on a bus that will eat up most of your day when you would rather be at Universal Studios? You can rent an economy car for $39 a day and dispense with all that. Make sure it has nav or bring your Garmin.