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Originally Posted by NARVEN11 View Post
but let me ask you LA fans something:
if you're a tourist visiting LA would you even think about using the public transportation system? you would if you're visiting chicago.
Probably not; most of the popular tourist areas still aren't reachable by rapid transit of any kind--the beaches for example. When the Expo LIne is fully operable, this will change somewhat, and it will improve more when the Purple Line reaches Westwood.

On the other hand, if you're not a beach person, you could conceivably work out a trip here and see plenty of stuff you can reach either by local rail, or by Amtrak. For instance, the San Diego Zoo is a nice day trip via Amtrak. Your experience would be a lot of fun if not exactly typical.

Stranger, the Blue line does run on shared streets for the last mile or two before it reaches 7th Street downtown.

Oddly enough I've been reading a historical novel set in early 19th Century New York, and it's startling how much NYC at that time resembled early 20th Century L.A. Wealthier residents kept moving uptown into areas that had formerly been beanfields or the like. Older areas downtown, such as Cherry Street where George WAshington had lived, became filthy, overcrowded, and crime-ridden. At the end of the century, when Manhattan was mostly developed, they started building subways. Which is about where L.A. seems to be now.