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If you've been to the doctor and everything is fine, I would say your fatigue might be tied to your diet or you are exerting yourself too much, too soon, in the pool. I also swim 2-3x per week (early in the morning though) and I'm pretty worn out for most of the day, depending on how hard I push myself in the water. Maybe you should swim at a more comfortable pace and see if that makes you feel less fatigued afterwards.

I'd also recommend eating immediately after exercising. Even if you're not hungry, eat a granola bar or a yogurt or something you like that will replenish your energy. There are a lot of good nutrition books out there too that might be helpful. I've found the Sports Nutrition Guidebook by Nancy Clark to be really useful.

Then again, maybe swimming just doesn't give you an endorphin rush. It doesn't do it for me, I only feel that "high" after running.