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I forgot when I said it happened in 1991, could you remind me?
You didn't say it; sugaree said it.
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Did you just mean it seemed improbable, as opposed to it being bewildering?
Both. It was an American TV show that had aired 30 years before. She was a British tourist in China--in 1984.

Doesn't that qualify?
Why is it bewildering that a British woman would not have great admiration for a great comedic talent. Is this a British thing? Would you be less bewildered if the shirt had a picture of Spike Milligan on it? Or are you an anti-comedite? Would it have been different if the picture was of William Godfrey? I'm bewildered by the dearth of people shouting 'Phil Silvers' when they see a picture of the Dalai Lama.

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