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Nigeria does have religious conflict, but it's as much about economics as religion. There is not Sharia law in "much" of Nigeria- Islam and Christianity enjoy a pretty even divide, and the areas that are having trouble with Sharia law are isolated areas that are only loosely controlled by the government. In Christian areas, Christianity is thriving and even aggressive. Evangelizing is not only possible- it's pretty much the norm!
Ok, but again, Nigeria is defined by them as a "hostile area", which means there's some part of the country where there's hostility to and persecution against Christians. So, is:

Religious riots are common in northern Nigeria. Churches, Christian schools, homes and businesses are burned and destroyed by angry rioters during these outbreaks of violence. In February 2009, numerous Christians were killed and more than 500 people were displaced during violence against believers in Bauchi state. Twelve people were also killed and 20 churches were burned in July 2009 when members of an Islamic sect rioted in order to have Shariah law enacted throughout Nigeria. In some cases, young women are kidnapped, compelled to convert to Islam and forcibly married to Muslim men. The kidnappers are then protected by Shariah courts.
accurate? Because, if it is, that sounds like northern Nigeria, at least, is hostile to Christians. I wouldn't feel safe being a Christian in northern Nigeria if there are riots targeting Christians and if if Christian churches are being burned, and if I have to worry about my daughter being kidnapped and forcibly converted. If that's true, then if I were a Christian in northern Nigeria, it wouldn't be much consolation to me that Christians in southern Nigeria are free from persecution.