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Right, some guy tosses his chute from a plane, waits, then jumps after it. So whaty lind of plane? Suppose he is ina Citabria, Storch or other performance craft that has the capacity to slow down to 50 miles per hour without falling out of the sky. This means that he will only be 3,667 feet away from the parachute horizontally, plus however far the parachute has fallen vertically and he is just going to glide down and catch it (never mind putting it on). (Of course, in a more likely plane doing over 90 knots, the horizontal distance will exceed a mile.)

It is fun to browse nonsense web sites for their entertainment value, but it is not a good idea to believe things that are simply not true.

(Now, a web search on "Yasuhiro Kubo" leads to the same story as a comment on a video of a guy jumping without a parachute at the same time as some friends dropped with chutes and he got into the harness after jumping, but throwing the cute out and waiting to follow it has simply not happened.)