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Originally Posted by Richard Parker View Post
What do people think of the idea of expanding the Court to ten political appointments (adding one seat), and then requiring 5 additional seats to be filled by the consensus of the 10 political appointees?

This is the idea Pete Buttigieg is supporting. I like it. It has the virtue of defusing somewhat the politicization of appointments while also not being obviously to the benefit of whatever party succeeds in creating it. A bigger court also has other benefits.
I think you wouldn't even be considering a change to the court if your side had the plurality. Which means this is not a 'good government' reform, but an attempt to gain partisan advantage.

Likewise, the left was perfectly happy with the electoral college when they thought it had created a 'blue wall' for Hillary to beat Trump.

I also think that if Republicans had suggested any change at all to the Supreme Court back when it mostly swung to the left, Democrats would be howling that Fascism had arrived or that Republicans were attempting a soft coup and must be stopped.