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Can we also submit examples from the other half of the exchange, i.e., Old World ingredients that replaced ones in New World cuisine? Okay, I get that there's a huge list of modern New World staple foods like rice and beef and chicken that weren't known pre-Columbus, so that might be broadening the remit too much.

But what I'm thinking of is specific examples such as the now-widespread use of Asian coriander, Coriandrum sativum or cilantro, in Mexican and other Americas cuisines instead of the native culantro or Eryngium foetidum (not that culantro isn't still widely used, but the non-native cilantro or coriander leaf appears to be far more common).

Likewise, Mediterranean grape varieties have largely displaced native fox grapes or muscadine grapes in the Americas, and same thing for Asian persimmons.

Returning to the New -> Old half of the exchange, how about blueberries (Cyanococcus)? Would you say they're now an "essential" ingredient outside the New World, and if so, did they "replace" another food?