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I'm a documentary filmmaker and this is one bane of our existence. But you have to remember that the tapes were expensive and took up a lot of room. For a local TV station today it's a room of hard drives, then it could be a building with all the costs that that entails. I remember talking to a Wyoming TV station about footage from the 1970s. I was told they'd sent it all to the dump in the 90s.

In 1990, I was at a post facility and talked to a guy who was in charge of trashing ABC's 1972 Olympics footage. I'm sure they kept highlights and finals, and everything to do with the Israeli athletes, but early heats of the canoe competition? Lost to history.

Colophon, I'm not so sure the equipment to play the tapes doesn't exist--these types of tape do still exist, and unless there's a demand they may not have been transferred to another format. I see this with archive houses where, for example, they have 16mm film of something, but they don't digitize it unless a customer wants it.

ETA, I take it back--looking at the story, I can't tell what format was used. I thought it would have been 2-inch video. So I don't know whether there's still gear around to read that kind of tape.

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