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Originally Posted by Colophon View Post
Nothing was really "lost". The original data tapes of the TV broadcast were wiped, but the equipment to read that format doesn't exist any more.
Equipment to read the tape format is quite easy to create as a lab prototype... rig up a machine to do reel to reel.. sit on the tape a magnetic head (still used in hard drives.. just grab one of them hey ?) and connect that into a little circuit that biases the head, amplifies/adjusts the signal resulting, demodulate if you like, to be just right for an analog to digital convertor .. which easily samples it far faster than required. Thereafter the computer program demodulates (if needed), converts it into lines, frames.. having saved it as so many millions's of frames (bitmaps of each frame) the job is done, thats a form of video.. conversion to a format you know, such as mp4, is trivial