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Originally Posted by GIGObuster View Post
It is not as simple as that.

One should ask here what peaceful pressure against Israel's penchant to grab more territory from Palestine could be applied. In any case, B.D.S. is not really as important or influential as many opponents to it paints it to be for propaganda reasons, but this time it is propaganda against anyone that does think that what Netanyahu and buddies think it would be a good idea.
BDS is not the organization of which I spoke.

Also not what I was referring to but...

Translation of the "about" for Jkbadawy, according to Google, "The street that Mustafa and the palace of the emirate did not # glory_for martyrs".

Jim’ale also controls Hormuud Telecommunications (“Hormuud”). Hormuud Telecommunications is a company identified as being one of the single largest financiers of Al-Shabaab, which includes large lump-sum payments to Al-Shabaab in the hundreds of thousands of dollars and these payments to Al-Shabaab were facilitated by Jim’ale.

Hormuud is operated by several former large shareholders of Al-Barakaat with Jim’ale being the largest shareholder. Hormuud Telecommunications was created by the former leaders of Al-Barakaat in an attempt to re-establish themselves as a dominant telecom provider in Somalia. In addition, Hormuud managers have provided Al-Shabaab leaders such as Hassan al-Turki, an Al-Shabaab-aligned military leader who was also listed by the Somalia/Eritrea Sanctions Committee, with personal communication networks.

In addition to providing funding, Hormuud Telecommunications has provided key material and logistical support to Al-Shabaab to include weapons, private fighters and ammunition. Spokespersons for moderate Somali groups have warned the Somali people not to use Hormuud Telecommunications Company, because Hormuud personnel listen in on conversations for Al-Shabaab. Additionally, Hormuud has cut off telephone service during Al-Shabaab attacks against pro-Somali Government forces.