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Originally Posted by An Arky View Post
Why, why, WHY do people have such a bugaboo about Area 51? It's really simple. The US has a Dept. of Defense. As such, part of their charter is to do research and development of new ways to be more effective. Some of this stuff is kind of out of the box, which is one way of developing new ideas. Naturally, this has to be done in secret. That's. It. There's really nothing else to see here, and anybody who starts talking UFO B.S. is automatically excluded from serious consideration.
Why? Because of a very short conversation the government has with anyone who asks about it. You can't see how this would cause people to ask "what's really going out there?":

UFO Nut: So what goes on at the air force base at Groom Lake.

What the Government Official Should Say: Top secret military testing and training. I can't go into details.

What the Government Official Actually Says: No such base exists.