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Originally Posted by olivesmarch4th View Post
Fox News doesn't put a political spin on things - it outright lies about them. I can't even tell you how many times I've been flipping channels and seen the following scenario:

"Today President Obama said he supports the bludgeoning of baby seals. The horror!"
*cut to video footage of Obama saying, "Bludgeoning baby seals is wrong. But we need to consider the following issues when addressing the problem..."
*cut back to newscaster* ''Now why do you think Obama says he supports the bludgeoning of baby seals? Here to talk about why Obama supports the bludgeoning of baby seals is our special guest...''

Just blatant, outright lies. I think Americans should file a class action suit against Fox News for undue pain and suffering.
Except that particular scenario never actually happened. So in a way, you're as bad as Fox News.

I'm a political moderate. That is to say I largely don't give a shit about politics and try to make an informed vote for whichever candidate I feel has policies that are best for the nation. My problem with Fox News in particular and 24 hour network news in general is that it represents what passes for the political process in this country.

People seem to vote on how they think they are "supposed to vote". Suburban white Middle America and rich businesspeople vote Republican. Minorities, intellectuals, urban young people and rich celebrities vote Democrat. Weirdos vote for third parties. Then they vigorously defend their position by demonizing the other party and discrediting their candidates.

Fox News exists by marketing to white Middle American conservatives by casting a bunch of anchors who look like grown up versions of he high school football captain and the vapid cheerleaders he bangs on the weekend, then having them prattle on abotu political issues 24 hours a day in the same manner that one would expect from...well...a couple of high school football players and their vapid cheerleader girlfriends..