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Or most recent MotW was The One I Love with Mark Duplass and Elisabeth Moss.

A couple in therapy goes to a "retreat" recommended by their therapist (Ted Danson). Really odd stuff ensues.

I don't want to say, not even in spoilers, what happens. It's more fun to see it unfold. (Hence I recommend avoiding sites where spoilers are likely to be given.)

I liked it. Mrs. FtG not so much. One of those "buy the premise ..." situations. It's more for the Safety Not Guaranteed crowd. (Also by the Duplasses.)

It's a two character (?) film. Certain subtle traits have to conveyed by the actors. Duplass does a reasonable job while Moss pretty much nails it.

It's a family-made film. The brothers Duplass co-exec. produce it. Charlie McDowell (son of Malcolm and step-son of Danson) directs.

One quirk: The movie has two Oscar winners in incredibly minor roles. One just a small voice-only part, the other briefly seen in the background.