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Originally Posted by Martian Bigfoot View Post
He may well be guilty of the murder and still have been genuinely surprised by this. At this point, if anything has been made clear to us, it is that the timeline has some problems. I still think Adnan most likely did it, but I also don't believe that he actually did it at Best Buy in those 21 minutes. So, yeah, he may actually have believed it to have been impossible to pull off in the way Jay and the prosecution were saying, because he knows how the murder actually went down. I don't think we've heard anything close to the real story of the details of the day.

Interestingly, the latest episode gave us yet another early version of Jay's narrative, where the murder was supposed to have happened in the library parking lot, not at Best Buy. I'm not sure if that's a realistic scenario, as I imagine that there would have been a lot of people around the library and the school during that time. In some ways it would make more sense, though. For one thing, the meeting with Asia would no longer be an alibi.
Indeed. Though then one wonders why the pushing of the "Best Buy" murder narrative? Obviously they were around the Best Buy, as that is what Adnan's cell phone was pinging off of (and of course, when Jay talks about their long and winding drive to the State Park, Adnan's cell phone was still pinging off the cell phone tower close to Best Buy... part of the big inconsistency in Jay's story). If the murder is done at the library, even with everyone there, or even if not there, Jay sees it at the place he was at... why go to Best Buy? I mean it isn't like they sell shovels there.