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Originally Posted by ISiddiqui View Post
If the murder is done at the library, even with everyone there, or even if not there, Jay sees it at the place he was at... why go to Best Buy? I mean it isn't like they sell shovels there.
I don't know. Maybe they don't need a particular reason to go there. It could be that they were just were driving around, probably panicked since one or both of them just killed a girl, and happened to end up at Best Buy. Or they went there to move the body.

Possible scenario: Adnan and Jay both kill Hae together, at the library. It's easier for two guys to hold down and strangle someone, quickly and quietly, than for one guy alone. Somehow they're not noticed. Adnan, panicked but hiding it, walks around, bumps into Asia. Jay waits in the car. They decide that they need to move the body, which is in the back seat and probably covered by a jacket or similar, to the trunk. They're worried about being seen, so they drive to Best Buy, which is more secluded. Jay is in Adnan's car, Adnad is in Hae's car with her body in it. They move the body in the secluded part of the parking lot. Now there's no need to fit in the "come get me" call on the timeline, and the Asia alibi is no longer an alibi. It also explains why Jay is concerned about cameras at Best Buy at first, since he was there with Adnan moving the body. He still doesn't want to mention the library parking lot, obviously, since it's the actual murder scene and he doesn't want anyone who might have seen him there to have a light bulb moment. So he sticks with Best Buy in his story, to keep himself out of it as much as possible.

I guess you could come up with a slightly modified version that doesn't include Jay at the scene of the murder, if you want. I'm still fine with Adnan doing it by himself.

Someone on Reddit speculated that the reason why Adnan's lawyer didn't want him to testify, and why she didn't bring up the Asia letters, is that Adnan had actually confessed to her that the he was guilty, and that it happened at the library. She didn't put him on the stand because she didn't want to ask him to lie, and she didn't bring up Asia, because her letters place him at the actual murder scene. I don't know how much sense that makes, though.

Problem with the murder happening at the library: I've seen those Woodlawn guided tour videos on YouTube. That library parking lot so totally does not look like a place where you could just commit a murder and not being seen by about a thousand witnesses, especially right after school lets out. So this scenario is probably just complete bollocks.