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Bricker, you asked why it is “likely” that the Duggars may indulge in victim shaming. Here is why it seems likely to me:

The Duggars use the texts and materials from ATI and Institute in Basic Life Principles. They have, I believe, discussed these materials on their show.

They were speakers at a Gothard conference in 2014, and members of the family have reportedly spoken at several Basic Life Principles seminars. In fact, these seminars are promoted on their website.

After Gothard’s sex scandals, the Duggars did not appear to make much of an effort to distance themselves from the behavior of their buddy, Bill Gothard.

We have now seen two documents from said Institute that appear to put at least some of the blame for the abuse squarely on the victims’ narrow shoulders.

The documents make much of “defrauding” and the importance of “modesty.”
Those are two much used words in the Duggar lexicon;
Michelle actually had the show put black boxes over her KNEES to preserve her modesty in a shot that inadvertently showed them. (see previous article about Duggars and Bill Gothard)
She has referred to the fact that when she was younger, she dressed immodestly and this was defrauding men that saw her dressed that way.

The document also mentions that a victim may be to blame if she leaves the protection of her parents, and this appears to be related to the courtship practices highlighted on the show. A couple that is courting is never alone; family is always with them.

The daughters have said, in their book, how important it is to behave and dress modestly to avoid being in immoral or unsafe situations.

Does this all add up to evidence that would sway a jury? No, of course not. Does it definitively mean that the Duggars are inclined to victim blame? I hope not, for the sake of their girls. Does it make it likely, in my mind, that the family also embraces the sexual abuse counseling tactics promoted through the Institute they are immersed in? I would say yes, it is “likely.”

Your mileage may vary.

ETA: I believe most, if not all, of the linked cites have already been posted in this thread. I merely want to point out that when taken together, it paints a worrisome picture of the family in terms of blame and reactions to sexual abuse.

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