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Originally Posted by control-z View Post

He's not wrong, people used to make comments about blossoming teenage girls that would be wildly inappropriate today with the mania over jailbait and pedophiles. Maybe bringing that fact/observation up is inappropriate, but it matched my observations too.
As the seventh grader in question I can tell you it was wildly inappropriate way back in 1982. It made me feel extremely self conscious and very uncomfortable. I have yet to meet a single person who I told this to who does not think my dad's friend was a complete asshole. Don't make remarks in public about a teenager's breasts at all. Ever. This is not a difficult principle for most people to follow. It isn't mania over pedophiles or jailbait as you put it. It is decent behavior that should be automatically expected of grownups.

Admire her large blue eyes. Complement her pretty copper hair. Tell her she plays badminton well, works nicely with others or gets excellent grades. Don't fucking stare at her breasts and make remarks about them.