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Just played some Overwatch. Seems fun but couldn't quite understand a couple of things.

1. When I searched for a game, it just dropped me right into the middle of a battle already in progress. What up with that?

2. What _exactly_ are the win conditions? Something about defending and attacking objectives, I understand that. But I was in a game where we were defending, and the count kept going up in favor of the enemy team even though we were on the objective the whole time--I thought the count is supposed to freeze if both teams are on it. What up with that?

3. Voice chat--is there a way to play a game with voice chat _not_ enabled for _anyone_? I'll never be able to use it due to how my gaming situation is set up in my house, so I'll be very annoying to be on a team with if everyone else is expecting voice chat.

4. What's all this about changing heroes mid battle? Do good players do this? Why? Under what circumstances? When you change, do you start back at the beginning or in the middle of things?

5. What is a "spray" in the loot box? I couldn't figure out what it does.