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Originally Posted by SenorBeef View Post
You didn't say "yep, you're right, we like different things, I want xp progression in my game", you said "oh no, I didn't say anything like that, how ridiculous of you to jump to conclusions like that! what's wrong with you!"
It's a worthy discussion, but don't make something that trivial so personal.

Leaving that aside, one of the big things that progression systems do is to add some level of long-term goals to the game. When it comes down it, Overwatch has no story, no goal, and nothing else really to add to the experience. If you want TF2-style matches and nothing else, then TF2 has gotcha covered. Even if you, personally, don't like it, having that long-term element to grow into gives players something they can aspire to beyond getting the next kill. Sure, the moment-to-moment gameplay needs to be there. But it may not even enough to keep people interested if the game lacks anything else. They also tend to narrow the options for new players to several good but not exceptional choices that help them get into the game.

You're certainly not obligated to like the, but these systems went into games like CoD and its clones for a reason, and that reason isn't limited to just the blander modern military shooter games.