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Originally Posted by Typo Negative View Post
What kills me is he gets what is essentially a walk....and he is appealing to conviction! "6 way man, that will be on my record forever! APPEAL!"
Is there chance that could backfire, and he end's up getting a harsher sentence after a retrial?

Originally Posted by Ike Witt View Post
Maybe he should be given an option then. Register as a sex offender for the rest of his life or get RAPIST tattooed in block letters on his forehead. His choice.
I'm not a fan of tattoos, especially facial ones. Maybe just give the kid a choice between full castration or life on the sex offender registry?

Originally Posted by TroutMan View Post
...And as much as I think the sentence was horribly inadequate for the severity of the crime, I can't get behind the recall effort of the judge. Judges should not be subject to following public opinion. Issues like this sentence should be addressed by the judicial ethics commission, not recall petitions and mob mentality. This says it better than I can.
As disgusting as I find this I can't get behind a recall effort. I don't even think the judiciary should be elected in the first place.

Originally Posted by MsRobyn View Post
One more time. It. Does. Not. Matter. if a person gave consent while drunk. A drunk person can't give consent...
Is it only women who are incapable of giving consent while drunk, or does that apply to men to? Because the latter would mean men who commit sex offenses while intoxicated shouldn't be held responsible (or at least get a lighter punishment), and the former is just plain ridiculous. What when both parties are male (or female)? Does whoever was drunker automatically get designated the victim while the less drunk one get designated the perpetrator?

Originally Posted by Typo Negative View Post
Who's life is over? After a hockey season in the pen, he'll walk around free as a bird. Daddy may send him to live in Europe for a couple of years...
Betcha those visas are going to cost a pretty penny.
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