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Originally Posted by Arrogance Ex Machina View Post
That's just silly folk wisdom. It might be good or it might not be good but I'm going to read reviews instead of relying on such "rules". I enjoyed Civ V on release a lot more than I liked Civ4 with all expansions for example and given Civ VI isn't going back to stacks of doom I have high hopes for it.
Yeah, I'd have to agree. Once I started playing Civ V, I was done with Civ IV. It was and is a much, much better game. The expansions are mostly improvements, but it was fine out of the box.

The "Civ sucks when it comes out" thing is I think based on some actual facts:

1. Civ III was advertised as being a multiplayer game, and then shortly before release that was removed and Firaxis was a bit sullen about admitting they'd promised it and then removed it. It had other bugs too, and, weirdly, lacked features the previously released "Alpha Centauri" had.

2. Civ IV was extremely uncooperative with a stunningly high percentage of video cards on release, and was effectively unplayable for many consumers.

3. In all three of the last releases, the game HAS been dramatically altered by subsequent upgrades. The perception of the consumer is therefore, naturally, that what they paid $60 for was not in fact a complete product. My recollection is that Civ V worked out of the box and was a fine game, so that's great. But then I had to keep paying to get updates and civilizations. That lends to the perception it wasn't finished at release, and people resent pay-to-play DLC.

This is relevant to No Man's Sky because it seems like all games are like this now, and it can't help their sales. Surely I'm not the only person who now doesn't want to buy the game at its initial price because I'm convinced it'll be unfinished.