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I was originally a KS backer from long ago. Ordered a basic package. I have since upgraded a few times for $25 here and there to get the next ship up. My current ship is a Constellation Taurus.

I like space sims, I don't mind the wait, and the cost is around the same price as a decent restaurant meal to bump up to the next ship. I know people who drop $300 on a fri night buying drinks trying to get women to pay attention to them or $80K on a corvette when a $25K camry will get them the same places .

Nobody is forcing anyone to buy in for $2000, the base packages are like $35. The base ships will be the same base ships as when the game eventually gets going.

Many of the people pledging are the same people who have no problem dropping $500-700 on a video card or new CPU every year.