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Originally Posted by JohnT View Post
Are you self-aware enough to understand that your argument that "close enough is good enough" in regards to English is the same defense you use in regards to scientific principles? Are you knowledgable enough to realize "close enough" is *not* a scientific principle, even though you constantly argue as if it is?

Rule: You can't conduct science by using analogies!
Well, actually...this is a well respected part of science...

Given how fundamental this is to science, and how if you even went to university at all this kind of thing is covered in the very first lectures (yes, a spherical cow is a perfectly valid approximation, it's ok to be 90% correct instead of 100%, all of science itself is about being 99.9...% correct, nothing is actually certain). So it appears that you should stick to your domain of expertise, which is apparently nitpicking and using uncommon english words.

Another poster pits themself.

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