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Originally Posted by wolfman View Post
I did find an interestingly hellish world, that had literally 0 foot visibility at through yellow smoke, a scan note of something like "Planet wide supercell extreme nuclear storm. I landed by braille, jumped out, and my hazard protection dropped halfway before I took a step, then the other half as I hit the button to get back in the craft. I don't think I need a base there.
Don't be so sure. In earlier iterations Polo & friend required you to get basically every milestone to 10 by the end of the game to complete their storyline. I don't know if that's still true, but if it is (or you want the milestones for whatever other reason), there's one about spending time on extreme worlds. It takes HOURS of time in extreme conditions to get ranks in this Milestone.

So here's the trick, unless they've fixed it: Being in your base on an extreme world counts as being in the extreme conditions. So I set up my bases on hostile sentinel planets (no longer recommended, because of the changes to sentinel behavior -- you'll never be able to go to space again without an armada chasing you) or super-extreme worlds in other ways, and get the milestone while farming and processing.