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Originally Posted by Damuri Ajashi View Post

because you seemed pretty convinced when you cited the pro-publica article.

What pro-publica did was not a study. Its not really a study any more than what I did in that post with the math was a study. They engaged in simple division and multiplication, not a study.

Where do you get the "a solid exercise of statistical analysis"? The one statistician they were relying on recanted.

Pro Publica didn't use any new data.

So on the one hand, you have an actual study by an award winning Harvard economist. And another study by Michigan State university. Both peer reviewed and analytical. And on the other hand you have an exercise in simple arithmetic that pro-publica calls a study. Yeah, both sides are equal here.

And both studies show that you are correct that police engage in more harassment against blacks than whites. But they don't kill them disproportionately. Not saying that everything is peachy keen as long as cops aren't killing blacks but the discrimination we see in law enforcement is not quite as fatal as you have been led to believe.
Got it, you're not interested in conflicting data, only in finding various rhetorical ways to justify dismissing it. And I'm not interested in a bunch of uncited dismissals. No need to discuss this further.

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