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Originally Posted by magellan01 View Post
Consider it dismissed. That's some far-fetched guesstimating-squinting-hoping and then guesstimating again. And I'd suggest that you not cite it again as you waste people's time thinking that it has any validity whatsoever. Because it doesn't.
LOL. Sorry that taking a look at big numbers and broad trends (and my calculation was indeed based on real historical statistics), just to see if anything is interesting, causes you so much heartache. I still find it interesting.

Hopefully the numbers I cited will give you pause before assuming the worst about the US and or cops in the US. Somehow, I'm not so hopeful on that.
I don't "assume the worst", so nothing to worry about here. Thanks for the cites (which don't refute anything I've said, aside from my guess on per-capita guns in the UK).

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