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Originally Posted by iiandyiiii View Post
My suspicions must be too dangerous for you, then.

We should probably stop here; I attempted to step away from the silliness, but you decided to go back to it in this post.
Your suspicions are not dangerous. Its the practice of presenting "suspicions" as facts that is dangerous.

I don't see what is silly about comparing you to a global warming denialist, anti-vaxxer of GMO alarmist. it's what you are. You are willing to go where the facts lead you but only so long as they lead you where you want to go.

You hold on to that small shred of doubt that always remains in science and act as if we don't really have any idea of what the answer is so your position is just as well supported as any other position. Its not. Your position has a calculation done by a partisan group with an agenda. My position has two peer reviewed studies, one by an award winning Harvard economist.

To be fair we do not have comprehensive data yet but 3000+ data points for a study is probably going to get us pretty close.