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Originally Posted by k9bfriender View Post
Is that concern the operating commercial power plant, or is it the waste that was stored improperly decades ago when we didn't know what we were doing?

If the former, then fine, make the case that the Columbia Station Generating plant is releasing quantities of nuclear materials. If the latter, then it is an irrelevant to the problem of nuclear power generation.
When we didn't know what we were doing? Good god, man, it has been over 70 fucking years since the Manhattan Project. We have had all that time to deal with what we were supposedly ignorant about (which is probably a great deal less than you give credit for). Nothing has changed, to speak of. No one has tried any interesting strategies, like, say, vitrification. The problem of the leakage has not been solved, barely even addressed. That is pretty inexcusable, except, you know, no one lives up in that remote corner of the country, so who cares. That sounds predictive to me. Unless you figure that somehow we are suddenly going to stop being irresponsible.

I mean, I can advocate for nuclear power if I think it will be done with due diligence. But, this is America, the nation with rounded edges because we keep cutting corners. Prove to me that we can do it properly and I am on board, when the historical evidence clearly shows that that is not how things go down.