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Nobody from my 2018 list kicked the bucket this year, so I'm just going to roll 'em over to 2019. (I guess that's the game I'm playing with my group of relatively young picks. High risk/high reward.)

Clean List

Heather Mack
Chief Keef
Lil Durk
Jereme Richmond
Louis King Johnson Jr.
Jesus Alfredo Guzman Salazar
Jeremiah Ratliff
Giuliana Rancic
Jesse Jackson Jr.
Jose Canseco
Melodie Gliniewicz
William Perry
Joe Walsh

No alternates... will take my chances that all the above 13 are still alive and valid picks!

With Commentary. Current age (or thereabouts) in parentheses:
  • Heather Mack (22) -- Co-perpetrator in the Bali suitcase murder case. Serving prison time in Indonesia.
  • Chief Keef (23) -- a/k/a Keith Cozart, perpetually troubled "drill" rapper from Chicago. For a while he was popping up in the local news about monthly for yet another DUI, drug charge, shooting incident, etc.
  • Lil Durk (26) -- a/k/a Durk Banks, another drill rapper from Chicago that seems to find annual trouble with gun charges. His manager was gunned down in 2015.
  • Jereme Richmond (27) -- Former University of Illinois basketball player frequently in trouble with the law.
  • Louis King Johnson Jr. (31) -- Chicago-based drill rapper better known as "King Louie" or "King L." Shot in the head in December 2015.
  • Jesus Alfredo Guzman Salazar (31) -- Son of drug kingpin Joaquín Guzmán.
  • Jeremiah Ratliff (37) -- Defensive lineman fired from the Chicago Bears in October 2015 after bizarre behavior and outbursts. Committed DUI a couple years ago.
  • Giuliana Rancic (44) -- TV personality who has battled cancer on and off.
  • Jesse Jackson Jr. (53) -- Son of famed civil rights leader. Former Chicago Congressman. Has been battling bi-polar disorder and depression for several years.
  • Jose Canseco (54) -- Former baseball player with penchant for risky behavior.
  • Melodie Gliniewicz (54) -- Widow of Joe Gliniewicz, a cop from Chicago's northwest suburbs who committed suicide (but staged things to appear as if he was killed in the line duty) to cover up fraud. Melodie is in trouble for her involvement in the scheme.
  • William "The Fridge" Perry (56) -- Former Chicago Bear.
  • Joe Walsh (57) -- Former congressman representing northern suburbs. Current talk radio blowhard in Chicago.